Animal Rights Industry

Traditional Animal Welfare vs. the Animal Rights Industry

The animal rights industry would go bankrupt if the donating public was aware of their beliefs and goals:
Animal Rights or Animal Welfare: Which Is It?

Chart showing range of animal-related beliefs and practices from animal abuse to animal liberation:
Overview of Animal Related Philosophies, Organizations, and Some Guidelines for Recognizing Patterns

The values of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an animal rights organization:
An Example of Animal Rights Values

The values of the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA), an animal welfare organization:
An Example of the Animal Welfare Values

Read in their own words what the leaders of the animal rights movement believe and promote:
Quotes from Leaders of Animal Rights Movement

Animal liberation - that is, ending the human use of animals - is the goal of the animal rights movement:
The Animal Rights Agenda

A traditional humane society explains the difference between animal rights vs. animal welfare:
Animal Welfare vs. Animal rights in Vail Valley

Overview of the animal welfare perspective:
The Animal Welfare View

Overview of the animal rights perspective:
The Animal Rights View

The animal rights industry manufactures no product and supplies no service. They make their money by fundraising on the conflict and controversy they stir up:
Brookfield Zoo President Responds to Controversy Generated by Animal Rights Industry